Week 22a- Self Directed SILENT Week

Hello guys. Well this has been again a self-directed week, as I am becoming a more self-directed person and every week more aware of my surroundings.

That bein said, I am starting to hear my thoughts and do not dwell on those that are not productive for me. I change the thought and try to attach a good feeling to it.

It is amassing How good it feels to be able to change a feeling and thought that some month ago would have had me reacting to the thought and feeling, messing everything up even more. I am feeling that I am getting out of my own way, incredible.

I know now that every discouragement and hurdle is in truth a great opportunity in disguise and that as long that I am feeling good with myself and getting into harmony with nature everything the universe has to offer is coming my way.

This week, trying to do a silent retreat, is very hard to do. Not speaking, not doing anything but to be in silence way more complicated then it sounds. I have managed 3 hours and then my old blue print kicks in, the comfort zone is screaming attention. As long a s I keep on trying to get more and more silent hours in, and then find a place where I can go and be alone, no human noise, no technology and out in nature is hard to find these days when you live in the city.

It is definitely something I look forward of doing, it is a great challenge but something for my live.

I have felt happier and more secure this week it is a great feeling.

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