Week 20 – Am I this Powerful?

Hello guys, here I am again, a little late on my post, but keeping it up.

This has been such an important week, so many things going on in my head. Can I become superman?.. Well almost if I become conscious of my power. We all have the same power, and only depend upon on how we will recognize it and how then we can use it.

How can we use our greatest enemy’s to become weapons?

Who are our enemies? Fear, Hurt Feelings, Anger, Guilt and/or Unworthiness.

These are all very powerful feelings and will pull us down. There are good news though, because we all are equipped with the power to overcome them and use them to our favor.

What it this thing that gives us all so much power?

THE ABILITY TO THINK!, we can control what we want to think and what feeling we want to attach to a certain situation. We only need to be very conscious to be able to recognize our behavior and then be able to ACT on it.

This is the other great ingredient, ACTION, moving forward losing all fear, for we do not know if we will be able to do it tomorrow. Live this day as if it was your last, focus on doing everything wright and if you get a chance to repeat that tomorrow, we’ll be so grateful.

So my conclusion is that I am way more powerful than I ever imagined I could be.

WOW, love and strength to all of you!!


6 thoughts on “Week 20 – Am I this Powerful?

  1. There are various VERIFIED legend of monks who can levitate, who can run, and then while still moving pick up their legs into a sit and then float forward at even greater velocities. Of those that can manipulate various materials, or move objects without any physical movement on their part. Or others that can be taken to a mountain, strip naked and sit by the glacier in a winter storm and not lose body heat. Of others who never eat. Some who can dissapear from one location and then appear in another. All of these things are clearly within the realm of thought. This means we can all do these things and more. Sounds like Superman to me!

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