Week 19 – Where to start!

Hello guys! Where to start. After getting to know and understanding more and more every week, after discovering more about myself, starting to feel changes, Where do I start now.

Fear is such a powerful thought and feeling, it is a daemon that puts up a real hard fight. With all the ups and downs that live throws at you, in these very difficult times, where you do not know what to do and at the same time are so grateful to be in this MME class, it feels a bit lonely at times.

What am I pretending not to know? — Uff that question gets me going. Should I be persistent and try to safe marriage and family? Can I let go?

That is why last week I wrote about happiness, you can not confront these situations if you are not happy and love yourself first.

If thought is powerful and of good, and you have your needs and goals clear it is much easier. That is why the DMP is so important. I have the images of my DMP clearer and clearer on my mind, and one of them is clearly my happy family, that is why I do my sits and get energy and enthuuusiasm to go, take the actions necessary so I can achieve that part of my DMP.

It is the central part of my life where I get a lot of my energy, so I will keep on pushing forward.

I do have the most important ingredient to do all of this.. A PERFECT HEALTH!, without it, I would be lost.

This week without webinar, has been interesting and we tend to slip a little bit, but it gives time to realise how far we have come with this MME course.

So thankfull to Mark, Davene and the great guides that are so committes, and dictate with the example, it motivates me every time I hear them.

I can´t wait for the webinar tomorrow.

Thanks guys,

Till next time.

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