Week 18 – Happiness

Hello again. Well, everybody wants this and talks about it, so why is  so difficult to achieve?

I have come to an understanding, that it all depends on your habits! Yes, you must create new habits with drive you closer to what you want.

Before, you need to be able to make a shift in your energy, and your vibration so you can attract similar vibrations. Then again.. how do you do that? WITH OUT ABILITY TO THINK AND CONTROL OUR THOUGHTS. This is the beginning.

So, never forget to do this:

  • Write out 3 gratitude’s
  • Keep recognizing kindness and do random acts of kindness
  • The sit
  • Exercise
  • Re-living a good moment of yesterday

This habit will start to shift the energy and start to feel better with yourself too.

“Thought is the invisible link by with the individual comes into communication with the Universal.”

Once this feeling starts to develop it starts to built up faith and believe with I feel then makes it way easier to focus on happiness than in depression.

Most people speak and her it all the time, focus on what you want, not on what you fear or do not want. If you are not happy with yourself, it will be hard to do.

Till next time..


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